Should You Get A Printer That Uses Toner Cartridges Or An Inkjet?

Posted on: 15 February 2022

Are you currently looking into buying a new printer, and you're debating whether you should get a laser printer that uses toner or a traditional inkjet printer? Each type of printer uses different types of ink, and it's important to know the differences between the two.

Laser Printer With Powder-Based Toner

Laser printers tend to be a popular choice because of how the toner is much more inexpensive than traditional liquid ink. In addition, the larger cartridges can hold a lot of toner and produce many printed pages before the toner needs to be replaced. The high volume capabilities means that you worry less about running out of ink and can print the documents that you need, especially in an office setting.

A toner-based printer also allows you to print high quality text documents. If you do a lot of black and white document printing, you'll notice that the quality of it will be very good, with the printer able to output pages at a high speed when you need dozens of printed pages. Unfortunately, you won't be able to print high quality color photos when using powder toner. 

Inkjet Printers With Liquid Ink

One of the reasons that people decide to get ink jet prints is because the initial cost of the printer is fairly inexpensive. While it is true that printers are typically sold at a loss and make up for the cost on ink cartridges, you'll notice that an inkjet printer can be very affordable when compared to a laser printer that uses toner powder.

The quality of the image that is produced with an inkjet printer can be very high quality. If you are looking to print photographs on glossy paper, know that you can produce some really great looking images when you use an inkjet printer. You can also print on a variety of different materials using an inkjet printer. This includes printing directly onto disc based media, pieces of vinyl, and even plastic. 

A common problem with inkjet printers is that they are quite wasteful when it comes to ink. The ink tends to dry out if it is not being used, and the printer will waste ink by running it through the inkjet heads so that the ink does not dry inside them. This means that if you do infrequent printing that a inkjet printer can end up costing you money by wasting ink that you are not using. 

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