Considerations For Buying Vibrating Panties

Posted on: 19 January 2022

When you visit a sex toy store or website, you'll quickly see that there are many exciting products for you to consider. While women's adult toys like vibrators and dildos can be popular choices, don't shy away from seeking out a new type of toy that you'll enjoy using. One women's sex toy that is widely available from different adult retailers is a pair of vibrating panties. While this garment can vary a little from product to product, it generally consists of panties that have a vibrating toy in a pocket that will sit directly over your vulva. Here are some considerations for buying vibrating panties.

Panty Design

You'll want to browse several pairs of vibrating panties so that you can choose a product in a design that suits you. Vibrating panties have lots of different designs, from thong-style garments to those that offer more coverage. Think about the look and comfort of each device. For example, if you and your partner will be enjoying some bedroom play while you wear your new pair of vibrating panties, you'll want to choose something that looks sexy and makes you feel confident.

Remote Control

There are different ways for you to use the vibrator that is tucked inside of your panties. Some of these sex toys have a switch on them, while others use a remote control. While the former offers a degree of simplicity that may appeal to some users, you should think seriously about choosing a product that comes with a remote control. Doing so allows you to involve your partner. A common activity is to give the remote control to your partner so that they can turn the vibrator on and off at various times, giving you a surprise and a pleasant sensation in the process. This game can especially be enjoyable when you choose a device that has several different vibration settings.


It's ideal if you choose a pair of vibrating panties in which the vibrator is waterproof. There may be times that you wish to use the vibrator in the shower, and you'll want to be confident that it will work properly. You have the option to remove the device from the underwear and hold it during use. But you can also enjoy the fun alternative of wearing the panties and having your partner continue to operate the remote control from a short distance away. View a selection of vibrating panties and other sex toys at an adult retailer.